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We use a variety of composite real life scenarios to illustrate how a complicated work situation can be handled.  

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How to determine if you are worried for no reason or if you need to make a plan to handle a coming termination.

Don't wait for the axe to fall!

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An employment lawyer with 20 years of experience shows you how to make a secret action plan for a worst case scenario.  

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Don't wait to get called to the conference room! Be prepared.  Find out what your options might be if you think you might be getting fired.  Be ready to negotiate from strength and walk out with your best outcome.



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Getting Fired: Prevent or Survive One of Life's Top Stressors

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Katherine A. Young is an attorney with 20 years of experience in employment law.  She has counseled hundreds of employees who are either worried about termination or who have just been fired.  Young has been licensed in Tennessee since 1995 and in California (inactive) since 1996.  She is a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, The Tennessee Bar Association and the Knoxville, Tennessee Bar Association.  Young is admitted to practice before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, multiple U.S. District Courts and all courts in Tennessee. here.

Written by an experienced plaintiff’s employment lawyer, Getting Fired provides tips and quizzes to check if your suspicion of a coming termination is off-base or all too real.  Read client composites of typical scenarios leading up to a firing and a lawyer’s advice.  Learn to avoid being pushed into a resignation, how to spot situations ripe for negotiating a severance, and how to preserve your rights. Practical guidance on preventing or surviving a firing.  


Getting Fired:  Prevent or Survive One of Life's Top Stressors, a book on employment rights.

Getting Fired: Prevent or Survive One of Life's Top Stressors, a book on  employment rights.  

Learn to spot the signs of danger.

Specific steps to protect yourself if you believe that discrimination or retaliation will lead to you losing your job..

Ways to create a record that is available if you need it for negotiation or litigation.

How to evaluate a severance package.

Get what you are entitled to receive.

Tips on how to negotiate for more severance.

When is it time to consult with an attorney?

What type of lawyer is best for your situation?